Note Trainer - Learn Piano Music Kindle Fire App & Review

Note Trainer - Learn Piano Music
  • Publisher: Big Box Labs
  • $1.00
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  • Version: 1.07
  • Release Date: 2012-09-07
  • File Size: 4.7MB
  • Minimum OS: Android 2.3
  • Category: Music
About App
ScreenShots: Note Trainer - Learn Piano Music
Note Trainer - Learn Piano Music
  • What's new about Note Trainer - Learn Piano Music
  • Updated to better support the Kindle Fire HD 8.9!

  • Learn piano music note in very spontaneous and charming way through Note Trainer application for Kindle Fire. This application includes sight reading practice where you can learn how to read out the music notes. Also Note Trainer application is the perfect for those who want to read out music notes with increasing difficulties. You will also find Treble clef and Bass clef modes with flats & sharps. You can track your progress with scores and get achievements & badges that will help you to judge of your development in sight-reading. The statistic will help you to find out where you have made mistakes. This application is perfect for coaching of piano sheet music and sheet music for other instruments.

Note Trainer - Learn Piano Music
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